Thanksgiving jokes

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most favorite holidays for Americans. It is a day of gratitude to God for his mercy: material and spiritual blessings. However, a rare American spends this day exclusively in prayer. Most of the residents of the States celebrate this family and cozy holiday with a big scope.

Thanksgiving Day, like any big holiday, cannot do without humor. There are a lot of jokes in the Internet, in which the tradition of cooking turkey or the habit of gathering the whole family for this holiday is derided.

Thanksgiving humor

Funny thanksgiving jokes

Thanksgiving humor

Today we suggest you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the holiday with the help of humor.

Let’s start with the sarcasm of the American journalist Irving Kupcinet, who shows that Thanksgiving Day is not only a Thanksgiving holiday, but also a stomach holiday, where you can eat well and gain a couple of kilograms. Ladies, listen to this statement.

‘An optimist is a person who sits on a new diet on Thanksgiving Day.’

Of course, you understand that the table, breaking from the products, is the result of the titanic work of the mistress of the house. The eve of any holiday for women turns into a real kitchen slavery. And what about men? They are waiting not to wait for the beginning of the celebration, because they have a double holiday: Thanksgiving Day and American Football Day! In 1874, it was on the last Thursday of November that the first ever American football competition was held. Therefore, television channels traditionally broadcast numerous matches on this day. And from here arose a following very funny thanksgiving jokes arose. It is invented by author of humorous articles Erma Bombeck – a sweet, but, apparently, very tired of the festive preparations of the lady.

‘It takes 18 hours to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner, it’s eaten in 12 minutes.’ The break between halves takes 12 minutes, which is not a coincidence. ‘

Thanksgiving humor jokes for kids

Thanksgiving jokes for kids

On the last Thursday of November, Americans thank God for earthly blessings. They begin their holiday dinner with a prayer, in which they thank God. Children get the most sincere and touching thanks!

When Timothy was asked to write an essay on ‘What I’m grateful for at Thanksgiving day?’ he wrote: ‘I’m grateful that I’m not a turkey’’.

In general, the turkey is the main object of all sorts of thanksgiving day jokes, sarcasm and witticisms on this holiday. Sometimes the ‘blackness’ of humor surprises: are polite smiling Americans joking so cruelly?!

‘What did the turkey mom say to her disobedient son?’

‘If your dad could see you now, he would roll over in his sauce!’

On this day the whole family gathers together. All relatives who see only a couple of times a year gather at one table. Of course, you cannot miss such an excuse for clean thanksgiving jokes.

‘On this Thanksgiving Day, cherish the time you spend with your family, it’s a reminder of why you left so far away from your family.’

Well and most importantly, what this American holiday is known for is a chic table and a huge amount of food. Some Americans believe that you must necessarily eat this day.

‘My belt is already unbuttoned.’

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday not only home and cozy, but also very funny. We hope that we managed to convey to you his specific atmosphere with the help of truly American humor.

Best thanksgiving joke ever

Funny thanksgiving jokes

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