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Laughter is the best emotion that you can give to children of any age. Children’s jokes will be a pleasant entertainment for both parents and children. Some of them are able to teach children important life things and teach them a lesson.

As a rule, children laugh at life situations that can happen to them. That’s why jokes about children are the most popular among kids of all ages. They gladly giggle over stupid and sometimes even very serious situations, where boys and girls take part.

Top 20 jokes for kids

Funny jokes for kids

Funny clean jokes for kids are a great opportunity to quickly raise the mood. It is be able to remove sadness and give a few minutes of joy, even to the saddest baby. Laughter is a pleasant feeling that not only saves from boredom, but also gives positive emotions.

Children of 9-12 years of age are particularly clever. They have a deeper understanding of jokes, possess certain knowledge and skills. It is easier for them to understand funny situations, which are referred to in thanksgiving jokes for kids. They read them in children’s magazines, books and on special websites. This is a great pastime and entertainment that will expand their knowledge, help to establish contact with other children and become the center of attention of peers.

Funny jokes for kids
Funny banana jokes for kids

Good jokes for kids

Childish antics. How meaningful this phrase is! It includes an overwhelming desire to roll on the floor laughing, hold your stomach and pray to all the saints not to make it burst. It is a passionate desire to disappear somewhere because of shame that the last phrase of your child has made you look like a red tomato. It is nostalgia for the irretrievably bygone times, when, you were so careless that did the same things and wondered why people started laughing uncontrollably. It is also the realization of how much remains to be done, to be said, and to be explained before your son or daughter will grow up and will be able to laugh at their childish antics together with you. Neither comedians with their made-up stories, nor anecdotes or christmas jokes for kids can be compared with the things that your baby can do or say seriously. So, this article is dedicated to funny and jovial childish antics.

A little girl asks her mother:
– Is it true that all humans have evolved from monkeys?
– That’s true.
-Even me?
– Even you.
– You too?
– And me as well.
– Maybe you still have pictures of that time?

New excuse for broken toys:
— It was not me who has broken it, but the Chinese who has done it badly!!!

Dad asks her daughter:
– Jane, let’s buy a dog?
– And what will we do with mom?

Mother says to her six-year-old son:
– You fell in a puddle in your new trousers!
– Sorry, mother, but I fell so quickly, that I didn’t manage to take them off.

A girl says to her friend:
“I’m sorry, but I can’t go out tonight. I promised my father that I’ll stay home and help him with my homework.”

Grandma is reading a book, her grandson is asking:
– Grandma, why do you need glasses?
– They make the letters bigger, my child.
– Then please put them on when you cut me a piece of cake!

Read halloween jokes for kids together with your kids. Adults will consider them boring but the laughter of your children will make you laugh as well. Be a model to follow and show that you can treat life with humor. Laugh at nonsense, smile more often and laugh with your family. Life will be fun!

Good jokes for kids
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TOP 20 jokes for kids!

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