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What do the funny picture hide? Why are they so popular? Will the memes become a separate kind of art?

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Hilarious meme

It all started in 1976, when English biologist and science-popularizer Richard Dawkins in the author’s book “The Selfish Gene” introduced the term “meme”.

By Dawkins’s definition, meme (as well as gene) is an information storage and transmission unit, but only in culture. Hilarious memes 2017 are replicators. Simply put, they can replicate.

Dawkins’s discovery is called the most successful in the scientist’s life, even better than his “selfish genes” or the criticism of religious beliefs.

“Memes consolidate and multiply, flowing from one brain to the other. This process can be called imitation in broad terms. Memes fight each other for the limited resources of the human brain, repeatability and frequency of use”, — wrote Dawkins.

“Whoosh”- and you are popular

Memes don’t strive for exact reproduction, but rather for the distortion or new contexts. They often emerge suddenly, sometimes even pointless and absurd. But then, phrase or picture move to the other platforms, where any author can be creative and release the new trend.

Certain memes are popular at each point in time. They are born in the human brain and come out in very unusual phrases and pictures. So, what was popular at the beginning, what will be relevant always, and what creates a real “boom” in the social networks right now?

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Hilarious birthday memes

Whazzup! Didn’t you wait for me?
Unusual hilarious birthday meme has flooded the social networks in 2006 after the Russian version of the picture “Bear Surprise” of John Lurie. The world “hello”, written with two mistakes, immediately became popular. After the picture started to quickly spread on the Internet, the users invented the other words by creating a new slang of such words as “bear”, “sweetie”, “how are you” and “participant”.

People started to use the bear from Lurie’s picture as a sign of greeting (not only online but also in real life). Smile “Y”, depicting the characteristic gesture from the picture became popular in some forums. Smile “Гг ^Y” referred to the pair of lovers and “a bear” at the same time. After 2009, these memes went out of style.

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