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funny short jokes
Short jokes are invented in order to cheer the user as quickly as possible. That’s the way it was planned earlier. Short and accurate texts better convey information to the user.

One liner jokes and funny one liners

  1. Football, this is when everyone watches as 22 millionaires play the ball.
  2. The wife of the world champion in tug-of-war always sleeps without a blanket and freezes
  3. The strongest disappointment of childhood – you’ll soon be 45
  4. Today one friend called me lazy. I did not even object to him.
  5. I know how to bring down bitcoin. I just need to buy at least one …
  6. I’m on a diet for a month and have already lost as much as 30 days
  7. It would be nice to do house cleaning and press “save”!
  8. Phones are getting thinner and smarter, and you’re not.
  9. – Dad, I’ll sit at the computer? – Of course, just do not turn it on.
  10. The brutal man does not fall – he attacks the floor.

Jacob: I have just the best son.
John: Does he smoke?
Jacob: no.
John: Does he drink?
Jacob: no.
John: Does it come home late?
Jacob: not at all.
John: Then you have the perfect son. How old is he?
Jacob: he will soon be 1 year old.

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