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The meme ”Trollface” has first appeared in 2008 on Deviant Art in the comic book “Comic — Trolls” from the user Whynne. Later, the face of satisfied troll with a malevolent smile while provoking someone became one of the most popular memes. It is used to suggest that the actions of one or another person can be called trolling.

Thrilling stories are related to the origin of this meme. According to the reports in the social media, it was created by the American pedophile Henry Lee Lucas. Supposedly, this man killed hundreds of children, leaving the same picture as a kind of stamp, which became the symbol of all pedophiles on their closed website.

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There is another myth: this face was drawn by the boy suffering from a rare form of cancer. He allegedly made it to show his mother his pain. Internet users didn’t like this canard. They divided into two camps: those who believe in these versions, and those who fiercely deny them.
At the same time, the meme “Rageface” (frustration, or just FFFUUU) is used to express displeasure in one or another situation, irritation and serious disappointment.

These drawings (unlike “bear”) are an example of “classic” memes. Despite their slightly extinct popularity, they are still considered relevant and “usable» as funny birthday memes for her.

“I’m fat, let’s party”

Initially not too friendly cat (still without magic wand) appeared on the English-speaking sites in 2013. The first inscription to the picture were the words “I’m fat, let’s party”.

Now the meme is popular due to the transformation of cat into the wizard, which says “whoosh” and accelerates any life process with the help of magic.

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New kind of art – to be or not to be?
Memes are born in the human brain, go on public display and remain on the world wide web forever. They spread and disappear very rapidly. Fashion changes, the new trends appear and take over the space of social networks. Memes are the special story of these trends. Either we copy and spread them, or, under the version of Richard Dawkins, they copy themselves.

Whether funny memes 2017 will be explored as a separate kind of art or not, they keep showing people the other side of films, sport, music and daily life. Who knows, maybe sometimes they will draw attention to the problems of our time.

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