Funny Little Johnny jokes

Well, who does not know, Johnny joking about this mischievous boy? It is he who personifies the naivete and at the same time cynical attitude of children towards adults. He is one of the popular jokes, humor and some stories.

Best Little Johnny jokes

Little Johnny jokes

According to a survey conducted in 2007, little Johnny humor is the second most popular hero of jokes and jokes.  Johnny is a naughty boy, who gives a lot of problems to his parents, classmates and, of course, teachers.

Little Johnny jokes dirty

Here are some of little Johnny jokes dirty.
A family of Catholics is going to have dinner. Little Johnny grabs a spoon and is about to eat soup.
– Johnny, are not you going to pray before eating?
– No, dad.
– They always pray in our house before dinner!
– In our house – yes. But now we are visiting my grandmother, and she is a good cook!

At the lesson in the junior class. Teacher:
-Johnny, answer me, please, what do the sheep give us?
– Wool.
– Correctly. And what do we make of wool?
– I do not know.
-Well, what was your coat made of?
-Of my father’s jacket.

Little Johnny is staying at the farm with his grandmother. Grandmother sends him for “especially healing” water from the spring.
Little Johnny runs back without a bucket, in horror:
– Grandmother, grandmother, there are such eyes in the source, such eyes!
– Johnny, calm down, it’s okay, there’s an old alligator in this source.  He is very old, has been living there for a long time, for all the time he has never touched anyone. Quietly go back and bring fresh water. And that old alligator, probably, was scared of you just like you were.
Little Johnny:
-Grandmother, if this old alligator scared me the same way I did it, you couldn’t drink water from the spring.

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And a small video that contains the top jokes about the little Johnny, try not to laugh!

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