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Why do some jokes cause only a smirk or a taut smile, and hearing others, you can fall out of bed or laugh to tears? (by the way, about falling from a bed, too, there is a joke!)

Have you noticed a person laughs that from the bottom of the heart only at those jokes where there is a hidden meaning? And the thinner the thread from the external verbal expression to the inner content, the sharper the joke, the more successful the joke, and the more likely it is that such a joke and such an anecdote will not be understood by everyone.

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What are the true reasons that force people to make jokes, both through clean jokes for adults, and with the help of ordinary jokes? Psychoanalytic interpretation gives a very clear explanation: everything for the sake of pleasure! Using various verbal taunts in good clean jokes, a person realizes his desire, bypassing existing barriers, both external objective and purely personal.

The policeman knocks the door. The owner asks:
– What do you need?
– They phoned us that you’re deriding Beethoven there.

Dialogue on the exam. Teacher:
-What is horsepower?
– This is the strength that a horse develops with one meter growth and weighing one kilogram.
– But where did you see such a horse?!
– It’s not so easy to see it. Probably it is stored in Paris, in the Weights and Measures Department.

The newly married woman in tears calls her mother:
– We have a family scene here! Horror!
– Calm down, daughter, do not be upset.  In each family the first conflicts arise.
– Yes, I know it. And what to do with the body?

– When Abraham Lincoln was at your age, he walked by feet for miles to school every day!
-Dad, when Abraham Lincoln was your age, he was the President.

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Not to say that in ancient times jokes were very popular, but at the same time they lived, developed, transformed from the point of view of the wishes and preferences of the public. In the future, any pedagogical functions of jokes were forgotten, but at the same time they were given a more entertaining, interesting meaning. Often funny short joke ridiculed abstract characters, for example, often told jokes about her husband, about his wife, the example of which was the plot. And then, in general, there was only humor and only laughing meant.

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