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Looking at the animals in the wild, they all have almost roughly the same size. They are all taut and fast. This is understandable, as in the wild they always have to look for the food and run away from the predators. Such extreme conditions don’t allow them to accumulate too much fat. As a result, one can’t find a single wild animal, suffering from obesity. Certainly, there are some species that store subcutaneous fat for the winter. However, its amount is not critical. Moreover, it is essential for the survival.

The best fat jokes

Fat people jokes

Our distant ancestors also had a slim body, as they lived in very strict conditions. They were struggling for their survival every single day. They didn’t have plenty of food; sometimes they had to go hungry, so they never had excess weight. Later, after the invention of agriculture (and when food became plentiful), people first started to eat their fill.

That’s when overweight (fat) people started to appear. The more intensive human civilization developed, the more people became fat. Large dimensions of a person means a non-standard appearance. For that reason, such people have drawn attention. It is therefore not surprising that too big person, who looks atypically (not like anyone else), becomes the object of ridicule.

This resulted in a whole direction of humor – funny fat jokes. Over time, such type of humor broke into different directions of human activities. You will agree that jokes about fat people are regularly voiced in the cinema; besides, there are many films about them. For example, many people watched the film “Crazy Professor” with a famous comedian Eddie Murphy. This film tells about the professor, who was overweight. Besides, this movie has a moment when the comedian makes a lot of jokes about fat people like “your mother is so fat”.

The best fat people jokes

Thinly joke about fatty will not work.

Every weekend I celebrate the Day of fat and lazy.

In the street there is a wind that even blows out fat people.

I’m not fat! I’m just a good goalkeeper.

– Do not cry, you’re not fat at all.
– What makes you think that I am crying because of excess weight?
– In my opinion, this is obvious.

– Wait, how do we know each other?
– I’ll be with a rose in my hands.
– I’ll be fat.

If on Earth you weigh 90 kg, then on Mars you will weigh only 35. You are not fat. It’s just that you’re not on that planet.

– I am fat?
– You’re juicy!

Well, who told you that you’re fat?
Take two chairs and sit down to us

Do not be afraid of thick snakes, they are kind, because they have already eaten

Very fat boy could not get out of the trampoline.

Thick stripper sometimes bends the stick.

Yo mama so fat jokes

Many comedians like this direction and have a lot of jokes about “fat mom” in stock. Here are some examples of such humor:
– Yo mama is so fat that the restaurant has placed a special inscription for her: “Capacity- 300 persons, or your mom alone”.
– Yo mama is so fat that they had to use helicopter to make a photo for the yearbook.

There are countless yo momma so fat jokes (and fat people in general).

Our attitude to this kind of humor is twofold. On one hand, we laugh at a big human problem, as overweight is a reason for a whole bunch of diseases. But at the same time, fat person is usually guilty of being overweight. Lack of moderation, consuming junk food and sedentary lifestyle – all this together contributes to gaining weight.

On the other hand, there is a category of people, which finds it unacceptable to laugh at someone who has problems. Such humor turns obese persons into the second rate people, which is totally unacceptable in a civilized world.

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