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Father is the best man in the world for all of us, as he is an example for his children and a pillar of the family. Even though the fathers are sometimes clumsy and a bit funny (especially when they have to perform the household work), we still love them selflessly and passionately. And if we laugh at them, we do that only kindly. After all, it is impossible to imagine our existence without dad joke of the day.

Only best dad jokes for you

Best dad jokes

Father’s jokes go down in the family’s history. Kids pass them on to their children as legends… but only after celebrating the majority. Before this age, father’s humor is impossible to understand. Relationships between fathers and children is a pretty shabby but multi-faceted topic. Both children and their parents of any age like to joke about that. Their favorite dad jokes reddit often reflect rather complicated and ambiguous psychological relationships between the generations.

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Humor is the indispensable means of confronting the difficulties. Fathers are well aware of the healing power of jokes, as they help men cope with their parental responsibilities. You’ve been the witnesses or even “victims” of your father’s jokes more than once. Father’s humor is very peculiar. Embarrassment, fear, hysteria, shock – this is not an exhaustive list of emotions, caused by dad jokes battle. Fathers from our collection are the experts of corny dad jokes.

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Perhaps you will remember at least one case, when you father laughed at you or your friends. And if this happens not too often, this joke can be remembered for a lifetime and even go down in the family’s history as dad joke meme. You won’t mix dad jokes up with anything else, as they always turn out special. No one else can joke as he does.
– I watched a TV program about beavers. It’s the best TV show I’ve ever seen!
– Two muffins are sitting in an oven. One muffin says, “It’s so hot in here.” Another muffin screams, “Ohh! A muffin who talks!
– The wedding was so wonderful that even a cake cried!

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