Corny jokes

Corny and predictable jokes are especially easy to remember, while the funniest ones are based on non-traditional controversies, which make them hard to remember.

Best corny jokes

Funny corny jokes

British newspaper “The Times” writes about it. The edition provides an example. When you are asked to remember your favorite joke, only the hidebound and unfunny anecdotes come to mind. “What makes the joke successful also makes it hard to remember. Effect from the joke can be explained by the unexpected turn,” – explains Robert Provine, professor of psychology at the University of Maryland, author of the book about laughter, where he examines the nature of jokes. Provine gives a simple example: “You are called the list of flowers – roses, daffodils, petunias and brick. It’s unexpected and funny. You will remember the word “brick”, but later you’ll hardly list the previous flowers correctly”. Scientists note that the brain remembers a poem or a song much easier than a corny joke, as they are built in agreement with the structure of human memory.

In his turn, Ricky Gervais, one of the authors of the comedy series “Office”, mentions that the ability to remember good jokes manifests differently in different people. “Some people can’t remember the jokes. But maybe they’re just stupid”, – he says. We offer some examples of good and bad jokes to check your own memory.

The best corny jokes for kids

Corny jokes for kids

Best corny jokes which are easy to remember: “What happens when you throw the piano into the mine? – Flat miners.” “Why do the cows have bells? – They can’t blow on their turn.” “What’s the name of the package for sandwich tied to the bell? – Sandwich package from Notre Dame.”

We recall that in January the scientists from the University of Washington conducted a study, in which 200 volunteers were told an unfunny joke about chimneys. Experiment showed that 40% of people laugh at unfortunate jokes – supposedly because they don’t expect the unfunny ending.

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