Chuck Norris jokes and facts

The American actor and martial artist gained fame thanks to playing the main roles in action films. A lot of people know him due to his role “Walker, Texas Ranger”. However, the modern generation knows him for a very different reason. The thing is that Chuck Norris is a human-meme. The most famous series of jokes is “Facts about Chuck Norris”, which are constantly replenished.

Funny Chuck Norris jokes

Funny Chuck Norris jokes

Let’s note that at first Chuck Norris even sued the authors, accusing them of illegally using his name and false facts. However, later he resigned to such popularity.

Here are some of the best Chuck Norris jokes:

  • Chuck Norris never sleeps. He’s waiting.
  • Chuck Norris killed the Dead Sea.
  • In fact, the army of Xerxes was stopped by Chuck Norris, and the three hundred Spartans died from the rapture.
  • Chuck Norris can count to infinity. Twice
  • Ozzy Osborne once bit off a bat’s head. However, Chuck Norris bit off the Batman’s head to remain unsurpassed.
  • The American flag has recently made a tattoo with Chuck Norris in order to prove its patriotism.
  • Superman has pajamas with Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris quotes

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that meme has a positive impact on Norris. Due to it, Chuck has been invited to a popular American show. At one of the shows the actor noticed one of the best Chuck Norris facts: “One they tried to cut down the portrait of Chuck Norris at the Rushmore rock, but the granite wasn’t hard enough for his beard.”

In 2009, Chuck Norris published a book based on Internet memes about him. “The official book of facts about Chuck Norris” combines jokes, invented by Internet users and real facts from the biography of the celebrity.

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Very funny Chuck Norris jokes and mems

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Funny jokes Chuck Norris

Best Chuck Norris jokes and facts

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There are such jokes about Chuck Norris. In this video you will see even more interesting and funny jokes about our hero.

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