Hilarious jokes

Hilarious clean jokes

British scientists spent a year conducting research, the purpose of which was to determine the funniest jokes in the world. On the website of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, various jokes and anecdotes were posted, and visitors were invited to evaluate them, as well as send their favorite jokes. In the end, the most ridiculous joke was finally determined. Soon the association published the results of research, during which the scientists tried to understand – what people laugh at most often and what jokes and anecdotes are the most ridiculous. Continue reading

Laffy Taffy jokes

best laffy taffy jokes
Roald Dahl gave the world a wonderful creation of fiction, which has become an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration for pastry from all over the world. The Swiss culinary specialists were more interested in this and decided to move the brand from the book’s pages to the real world. Continue reading

One liner jokes

funny one liner jokes

Have you noticed who usually becomes a ‘ringleader’ in any company? This is the person  who has the most funny  and interesting stories. After all, subtle humor is always perceived ‘to cheer.’

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to come up with jokes for the company. In addition, in society is valued not just a sense of humor, and the ability to joke successfully, timely and witty. If you diligently to invent that would say this to others, to bring them a smile, it is unlikely to succeed to invent a really funny jokes and fun. Therefore, it is much more expedient to prepare in advance. And before that, it is desirable to learn about what causes a smile and laughter in people. Continue reading

Thanksgiving jokes

Thanksgiving humor

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most favorite holidays for Americans. It is a day of gratitude to God for his mercy: material and spiritual blessings. However, a rare American spends this day exclusively in prayer. Most of the residents of the States celebrate this family and cozy holiday with a big scope.

Thanksgiving Day, like any big holiday, cannot do without humor. There are a lot of jokes in the Internet, in which the tradition of cooking turkey or the habit of gathering the whole family for this holiday is derided. Continue reading

Funny clean jokes

best clean jokes for you
Why do some jokes cause only a smirk or a taut smile, and hearing others, you can fall out of bed or laugh to tears? (by the way, about falling from a bed, too, there is a joke!)

Have you noticed a person laughs that from the bottom of the heart only at those jokes where there is a hidden meaning? And the thinner the thread from the external verbal expression to the inner content, the sharper the joke, the more successful the joke, and the more likely it is that such a joke and such an anecdote will not be understood by everyone. Continue reading

Chuck Norris jokes and facts

Funny Chuck Norris jokesThe American actor and martial artist gained fame thanks to playing the main roles in action films. A lot of people know him due to his role “Walker, Texas Ranger”. However, the modern generation knows him for a very different reason. The thing is that Chuck Norris is a human-meme. The most famous series of jokes is “Facts about Chuck Norris”, which are constantly replenished. Continue reading

Hello world! Funny-short-jokes.net opened!

funny jokes

Today our site is open! We decided to dedicate it to a lot of different funny jokes.

Our site is a collection of jokes, pictures, videos. There is also a separate section called short jokes. We want every visitor to improve their mood and make a merry life. The best video jokes will be collected from us. I also want to note that all content is free and does not require payment or subscription. To date, this is just fine.

We focus on visitors. Write your suggestions or suggestions in the comments. Thank you!

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